Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday Link Love

I know, I know. No potato soup recipe. You're bummed, right? Yeah, didn't think so!

Yesterday I was reading one of my favorite blogs and the post mentioned Pinterest. I try to stay away from that place unless there is something specific I'm looking for. Otherwise I tend to get lost for hours and hours. And hours. But...even though I knew it was coming...even though I have to play bells for it...even though stores have been advertising for just hit me hard that Sunday is Easter!

I have not one thing. I have no decorations up (except St Pat's), I have no chocolate bunnies, no jelly beans, no...anything! This bunny needs to get hopping to the store PDQ!

All of this was going through my head when, you guessed it, I clicked on the Pinterst link. And experienced loads of Easter goodness that I am now going to share with you. Because maybe you're like me and stay away so you don't become Lost In Pinterest. Or perhaps, like me, Easter sneaked up on you.

These are so cute! And easy too. I think they'd make a nice place holder if your dinner is fancy or just a nice take home favor. And you don't have to use donut holes. Other suggestions include mini marshmallows or white gumballs!

I thought these were just elegant. They too, would make nice place holders or favors. I think a cluster of them displayed in some egg cups would be charming!
These colorful eggs remind me of cascarones, but they are only egg shaped and hold lots of little goodies for young and old alike. I think they would be a great addition to an Easter basket or egg hunt! Stephanie has a lot of other neat egg ideas on her blog. Check them out!

How absolutely adorable are these? I think I let out a small squee of joy when I first saw them. *love*
 From the same blog come these awesome gems. I really need to get myself a set of metal horns!

And something to put it all in! These cute baskets recycle brown grocery bags.
To round out this fabulous group of Easter link love comes my favorite. When I showed my oldest daughter she declared I have to make them for Sunday. I give you Chocolate Covered Strawberry Carrots! They will go perfectly with the angel food cake I'm making. How cute are they?

Are you ready for Easter?

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