Thursday, March 28, 2013

More Link Love


I'm posting for the second day in a row! Go me! And I'm not frantic!

Just as I got hit hard yesterday with the realization that Easter is four days away, today I was hit with the realization that Monday is April Fools! I'm not sure yet if my kiddos will be home (they like to sleep over at Grandma's and she, of course, doesn't mind), but if they are, I thought I should be prepared!

All of my "pranks" center around food. Mainly because they aren't mean mean. They are just funny mean. The kids always get a big kick out of it too! I was running out of ideas, so I hopped on Pinterest this morning (instead of starting my cleaning. Thank you cable repair man for being early so I could be on the computer!) Here's a few things I found. If the kids are home, I'm totally making the hot wings. And the baked potato.

First up is this faux grilled cheese and tomato soup. I have made the grilled cheese in the past and the kids loved it, but I've not tried the soup. Looks delicious!

I'm sure you've seen the "fried eggs" that are really vanilla yogurt in a small pile with a peach half on top. But how cute is this bacon (served with candy eggs)? Adorable!

I swooned over these wings. Seriously. They look so real! If my father in law could eat them I would totally make them for him, but alas he is on a strict, no-nonsense, no fun diet and has my mother in law to monitor his every mouth full (though that is for the best. Kudos to her!) But really, looking at this picture I could tell the "celery" was green licorice. But look at those wings!!! Aren't they awesome!? There are a few other fun-to-fool ideas there too!

Now, how about this baked potato? Doesn't it look delectable with all that butter and sour cream? This would be perfect for my brood as they all love baked potatoes! What a surprise that would be!

I almost forgot about this mac and cheese! Too cute for words. It looks so cheesy and, well, comforting as mac and cheese ought to. Served with the cocktail weenies, it would be a sweet treat!

I love cocktail weenies! Especially wrapped in crescent dough and baked to a golden brown. Yum! Maybe it's the bite size that makes them so tasty. At any rate, these sweet surprises make me wish I had somewhere to take them to fool others!

How are you going to fool someone?

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