Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another Double Post

*sigh* Super busy weekend results in another double post. Maybe starting off Monday on the right foot will get me back on track!

First up~ Dr Seuss!

Dr Seuss had a birthday last week. Last Saturday to be exact. I always like to make my kids green eggs and ham for breakfast when his birthday rolls around, but since they weren't home on Saturday, I made it for them on Friday instead. This year I also decided to make biscuits to round out the meal. Cat in the Hat biscuits to go with the Dr Seuss theme. These were just my biscuit dough that I divided in half and colored one half red. Then I took one scoop of white dough and one of red, smooshed them together, and baked as normal.

The green eggs and ham do look pretty gross, but they taste delicious! The secret to making perfect green eggs? Use blue food coloring in your eggs...not green! The blue will mix wonderfully with the yellow of the yolk.

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