Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vintage Set

I've been trying to be more vintage in my styling. It's a look I strive for, but is not easy to achieve. I don't live in a vintage saturated location, so any vintage I find tends to be way overpriced, and I admit that I'm not savvy enough to spot authentic vintage when I'm out thrifting. I do look for, and sometimes find, vintage inspired things, and I do use those. It's an ongoing process, one I hope to incorporate more and more until it is an everyday thing.

Today, well, last night, I used this fabulous tutorial to set my hair. I have to say I am extremely pleased with the results! I have shorter hair (it's growing out so very slowly. Maddening!), but was able to roll it.

Next step: Creating my wardrobe.

Recently I purchased several long sleeve t-shirts and a few cardigans in my vintage color palette. Red, Grey, a grayish Navy, Ivory, and Mustard. Now I have to decide on bottoms and accessories. I need more time in my days, for sure!

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