Friday, September 23, 2011


I've decided to start from scratch with my house. Even though I've decluttered and organized areas, I've realized I can do better. Our house is small and we have a lot of stuff, but we also have four kids. There's bound to be some kind of mess going on on a regular basis. I mean, I have one into every type of arts and craft there is (the latest is origami and there's origami paper everywhere), two that are really into Lego's (again...everywhere), one of the Lego fanatics is also still very into trains (Thomas anyone?), another who is a girly girl and at any given moment wants to have a tea party, and they (along with me and DH) all love to read so everywhere you look there are books.

Having to start somewhere, I started with the front closet. Which will also be a cleaning closet because we need somewhere to keep the mop and broom (storage is a small problem). Having been through it once already, I was somewhat amazed by all the stuff I pulled out. Gone are the multiple coats. Hats, gloves, and scarves are held neatly in containers. The clean floor holds soda and the mop and broom plus a bucket. It is still a little crowded in there because I took some of the jackets hanging on hooks for the children and put them in the closet so that lunch boxes can be hung on the hook and taken out of the kitchen, thus making the kitchen less cluttered. All part of the Master Plan.

However, in creating this clean, organized, work of art space, I have created a big mess that still needs cleaning up. A bag for DAV that can't go into the van because it needs to be cleaned out first. Some seasonal things that I need to find a home for. A bag of trash that needs to go out. There's always something. Guess I should go take care of it!

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